Amaptec Consulting Limited


Amaptec offers efficient land administration services aimed at smooth registration and dissemination of relevant information in relation to land transactions. Our process guarantees land ownership documents and tenure security as well as clear and well guided transactions. This system provides up to date land information containing all records in regards to every single parcel of land. Land administration system is paramount in promoting the custody and maintenance of all land records, recording and updating of parcels attributes on retrievable files and cards, documentation of public land and preservation of fragile ecosystems.
In order to promote good practice in Land administration, Amaptec Consulting Ltd conducts the following:

Development of Land Information Management System (LIMS)

We design Land Information Management System that is integrated with Land Administration Processes such as Land Adjudication (achieved through Validation), GIS enabled Land Use Planning, Land Surveying, Valuation for Rating Purposes and Design of Secure Allotment Letters. All the necessary information including the plot attributes and ownership details are captured here with unique identification details to distinguish each plot.

All the queries about any given plot are done in the system and clear and accurate information is obtained with ease.

The LIMs is able to generate periodical reports and any given stream and it is flexible to give the required information. In addition, the system provides room for administration as well as a real time audit trail.

Validation and Verification of Plots

In order to have the accurate and reliable information, it is necessary to carry out this long but important process throughout the towns/trading centers in the county. This gives the county the required information including the number of plots and their owners as well as details of disputed plots.
The process allows for preparation of Town plans and also establishing plot attributes like size and location. Protestation and preservation of fragile ecosystems and public land is given priority.

Tamper-proof Letters of Allotment

In order to curb the fraudulent practice of production of fake documents, Amaptec helps the county to design and produce tamper-proof letters of allotment using a special security paper. Tight security features are identified and incorporated in the paper and the LIMs in order to keep off the cartels and possible contamination of records.